Royal Hen of Oz


Billina grew up with Dorothy on their Farm in kansas.

Back Story


Billina is one of many of Dorothy's hens on her farm in Kansas.  Billina was the only orange hen out of the bunch and came to be Dorothy's favorite.  Billina was a plane and ordinary hen but one day she decided to stop laying eggs.  Aunt Em told Dorothy that if Billina would not lay eggs anymore she would stew her up for supper.  So Billina fled the farm, ending up in a chicken coop with Dorothy.  The coop sailed all night until it reached its end...Oz.  From there Billina had wonderful adventures with Dorothy.  So wonderful in fact that she stayed in Oz did not want to go back to "hum-drum" Kansas.    

 Alternative Names

     Mrs. Hen

 Where are they now?

Lives with Ozma in the Emerald City


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