Princess / Queen of Oz


Princess Ozma was born into Royalty before the Wizard came to Oz.  


Back Story




     Ozma was born a princess, daughter to King Pastoria, former King of the Land of Oz.  After her birth the King was slain and removed from power by the evil witch Mombi.  But when the Wizard came to Oz, all of the people (including Mombi) feared his power and dubbed him a Wizard and ruler of Oz.  After taking rule the Wizard in secret gave Ozma to Mombi.  He worried she would someday challenge his illegitimate rule of Oz.  Ozma then grew up as Mombiís slave. 


    Years later word got out that the Wizard had left Oz and that the Nome King found Dorothyís Ruby Slippers.  It was at this time Mombi collaborated with Nome King.  They built an Army of Wheelers and concord the Emerald City.  During this time the Nome king confronted Mombi about Ozma. He told Mombi if she kept Ozma a secret he would give her the heads of thirty beautiful maidens in the Emerald City and make her the princess of Oz. 

   Mombi then enchanted her slave Ozma into the mirror, never to be seen again, that is until Dorothyís Return to Oz...


 Alternative Names

Princess Ozma, Queen Ozma, Mom

 Where are they now?

Ruling over her subjects in the Land of Oz


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