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She won us over as Ozma in return to Oz but remmber her later years?  Emma was that sassy sexy girl who found fame dancing topless on table tops in trendy London nightclubs at the tender age of 14 then shocked the nation by eloping to Las Vegas at the age of 15 to marry party boy Robert Pereno – 15 years her senior.

In the past Emma’s been a ballet dancer, an actress, a TV presenter, a socialite, a songwriter, a rapper and of course all-round media strumpet!

Emma Ridley

It would seem however, that some things in Ridley’s life never change, now on her THIRD marriage, Emma has decided to make a decent living out of her once notoriously stylish headline-grabbing sexy dancing routines and at 37, has started a pole dancing school – Goddess Fitness Dance – where she says her aim is to turn bored housewives into stunning goddesses…

And judging by this sexy pic of Ridley taken two weeks ago in the California dessert by top British photographer, Robert Yeager, Emma tells me, “After being the center of attention I had become a bored frumpy housewife going out of my mind,” She added, “Then one day I looked in the mirror and thought I’ve got to do something about this so I started pole dancing and I was amazed at what it did for my figure, then I started teaching it and opened the school.”

After giving birth to three children, I think Emma might be onto something here and not an airbrush in sight, you have to admit however, she’s looking good.  She is trying to take Hollywood by storm with her new reality series, Good luck Emma!

And for the readers who aren’t aware of Emma Ridley, watch the video below!



 Role in film

Emma played the Queen of oz, Ozma.



  1. "Boy Meets World" .... Becky (1 episode, 1997)
        - A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2 (1997) TV episode .... Becky

  2. Return to Oz (1985) .... Ozma
  3. "Hammer House of Horror" .... Sophia (1 episode, 1980)
        - The House That Bled to Death (1980) TV episode .... Sophia

  4. The World Is Full of Married Men (1979) .... Lucy


 Alternative Names

     Wild Child

 Where are they now?

Emma is currently filming a reality pilot  – ‘Spoiled Rotten’ which basically follows her plans to launch to a SECOND pole dancing school in West Hollywood.




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