Royal Army Of Oz


Created in the Workshop of Smith & Tinker.

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    Tik-Tok is a mechanical man that runs on clockwork.  Given his name because of the way he sounds when he is wound up.  He is a very loyal asset to the Land of Oz.  He serves as the entire army of Oz.  However is completely powerless without someone to guide him.  He is guaranteed to work perfectly for 1000 years.

Tik-Tok has 3 wind-up keys:

 1. Thinking

 2. Speech

 3. Walking and Action


Each Key needs attention often and Tik-Tok is unable to wind any of them up by himself.  If one of his winding runs down the machine malfunctions and does now work properly.  If his speech runs down Tik-Tok then becomes mute.   If his Action runs down, the then becomes frozen.  But if his Thought runs down he begins moving very oddly and speaking gibberish. 

     Tik-Tok is not alive and feels no emotions, although he does seem to have an incredible likeness for Dorothy.  Some even say after meeting Dorothy and going through adventures with her he gets more human-like qualities.

    Tik-Tok was invented by Smith & Tinker at their workshop.  He was the only Mechanical mad the ever made.  He was purchased by the King of Oz to be a servant.  The King of Oz reined over the Land of Oz for many years before the Wizard came.  Tik-Tok ends up having such an impression on the King so he makes him the Royal Army of Oz.  As the entire royal army of Oz, he is very just but incredibly helpless without a Master to guide him. 

     After the Wizard left Tik-Tok loyally served the Scarecrow as his majesty until the Emerald City was under attack by the Nome Kingís Army.  Then the Scarecrow concocted a plan to call Dorothy back to Oz. 

    He put Tik-Tok into a hidden room and told him to wait for Dorothy.  So the Scarecrow locked the door and sent the key to Dorothy on a magical Star.  As the star shot off into the sky the Scarecrow was captured by the Nome Kingís army.  And Ozís only hope lies in that star, hoping that it will reach Kansas and convince Dorothy to Return to Oz.

 Alternative Names


 Where are they now?

Still the Royal Army of Oz, but he now eagerly awaits every time Dorothy Visits.


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